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Hi, I am Jerome Moore



I am Jerome Moore, and I am running for Harris County Constable Precinct Five to make this precinct a safer place to live for your family and mine. I will significantly reduce the violent crimes on the streets of Precinct Five, I will add more advanced training for employees, and I will bridge the gap between law enforcement and the residents of this precinct.


During my tenure at Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct Five, I served 14 years as a lieutenant. I have supervised the patrol, communications, property & evidence, warrants, motorcycle, K-9, victim’s assistance, special operations, traffic enforcement, and parks divisions.  While supervising those divisions, I gained a vast amount of leadership experience.

I want to bring my education and experience to Harris County Precinct Five Constable’s Office because I know I have the leadership experience, qualifications, and skillset needed to meet the expectations required of an elected official.


Equality Meets Opportunity

  • As your next Constable, I will make public safety my top priority. I will make sure
    residents have high visibility patrol to minimize and deter criminal activity throughout
    the precinct.

  • I will implement a strategic plan of action to significantly reduce the number of
    violent crimes within the precinct, by being proactive, rather than reactive.


  • I will have weekly meetings with my command staff to target high crime areas and
    strategically plan how to significantly reduce this violence.


  • I will add more training resources for deputies and supervisors to make sure they

        have the proper training needed to perform the job that they’re being asked to do.


  • I will build trust between law enforcement and the residents of the precinct. I will
    implement programs where residents and law enforcement learn how to interact
    with each other.  My goal is to gain back the community’s trust with law enforcement
    by returning to “community-oriented policing.”  This is a proactive approach for
    deputies to meet the residents and become familiar with the issues that affect each


  • I will focus some of our resources on human trafficking.


  • I will meet with other elected officials within Harris County, the Chief of Police with
    the Houston Police Department, and various other law enforcement agencies that
    borders our precinct to discuss a comprehensive plan of action for all agencies to
    work together, to better serve the residents of Harris County.


  • I will work with our regional partners to give mental health consumers within our
    precinct the help they need rather than incarcerating them in jail.


  • I will implement a Homeless Outreach Team (H.O.T.) to help with the homeless
    population within the precinct. I want to give every homeless individual a chance to
    partner with community resources to become productive members of society.


  • I will expand our Silver Watch Program. The program will be designed to check
    in more on our seniors within our community. This program will also help educate
    seniors on scams, local crime trends, and other questions they may have regarding
    law enforcement activities.


  • I promise to stay open, transparent, and accountable for all actions of Harris County
    Constable’s Office Precinct Five.


  • I will never forget that I work for you, and will ALWAYS put the needs of the
    residents first.

In closing, your vote is your voice!  Stop allowing elected officials to give you below
standard results.  Demand accountability and hold them accountable.  If elected officials
are not doing what you elected them to do, then vote them out of office.

I want to be “A Constable who will empower communities, prevent crime, and shape our
future,” and I am asking for your vote as the next Constable of Harris County Precinct

Thank You!

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